Membership supports the overall work of the Cayman Renewable Energy Association. By becoming a member, you’re helping us advocate for effective policy and market framework for clean energy while promoting the industry and its achievements. Your membership will help Cayman’s shift to an affordable and reliable renewable energy and energy efficient future.

Membership is open to businesses and individuals and is tailored to meet a range of needs depending on the size and scope of your business. Membership is open to companies from any industry who are looking to support the work of CREA. Our members include manufacturers, suppliers, installers, investors, researchers, inventors and the general public. Membership to CREA is open to anybody interested or involved in the renewable and efficient energy industry in Cayman. Our important work can only be completed thanks to the ongoing support of our members. 

We encourage companies from all industries to become CREA members so that: 

  • your industry can be better represented in important renewable and efficient energy industry discussions
  • we can better support all businesses that rely on effective renewable energy policies
  • we can provide you with communications to help you learn more about how the renewable energy industry in the Cayman Islands
  • your company will be well placed to benefit from the growing renewable energy industry in Cayman and the wider Caribbean

Please express your interest in CREA membership by emailing us at