The Cayman Renewable Energy Association’s mission is to promote sustainable living through advocacy and education by bringing together all stakeholders to foster the greater adoption of renewable energy and energy efficiency that ensures the social, economic and environmental sustainability of the Cayman Islands.

Formed in 2015, CREA is a non-profit organisation registered in the Cayman Islands. Our volunteers and members encompass a broad cross section of individuals and companies whose core belief is that clean energy plays a crucial role in determining a prosperous future for the Cayman Islands.

CREA is recognised by the Cayman Islands Government, the Energy Sector Regulator (OfReg) and the local utility (CUC) as the only consumer advocacy association for clean energy in the Cayman Islands. Our volunteer board consists of a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer, and board elections are held annually.


We are committed to accelerating the transformation of the Cayman Islands’ energy system to one that is cleaner and more efficient.  We represent the renewable energy sector and work with the Cayman Islands government and private sector stakeholders to help find solutions to the challenges faced by our industry. We work to promote awareness of the industry, thought leadership and renewable and efficient energy business opportunities through industry events, meetings, newsletters and the media.