Updated National Energy Policy released

July 24 2023

The Ministry of Sustainability & Climate Resiliency and the Energy Policy Council (EPC) are launching a 30-day public consultation to gather feedback from the Cayman Islands community on an updated National Energy Policy (NEP) and Implementation Plan.

First approved in 2017, the NEP undergoes a mandatory review every five years to monitor and report on progress, and evaluate targets and implementation plans based on new and emerging technologies.

Premier and Minister for Sustainability & Climate Resiliency Hon. Wayne Panton said the current review focuses heavily on revising the implementation plan and engaging with key stakeholders responsible for the implementation of the strategies within the policy.

“The updated National Energy Policy focuses on renewable energy, energy conservation methods and the promotion of energy efficiency,” he said. “In keeping with the Ministry of Sustainability & Climate Resiliency’s mission to enhance sustainability across the economy, society, and environment, the updated policy acknowledges the need to promote more equitable access to green energy, and ensure Caymanians are prepared to take on emerging jobs in this sector.”

To produce the updated Policy and Implementation Plan, the Ministry and EPC undertook a public survey between December 2022 and January 2023, and hosted two days of stakeholder focus groups with private and public sector representatives in February 2023.

Energy Policy Council Chairperson James Whittaker said: “The NEP is of critical national importance to the future well-being of the Cayman Islands and the proposed 2023 updates to the policy intends to help transition us towards more affordable, cleaner and more stable energy at a much faster pace. Cayman’s current energy situation is unsustainable; economically, environmentally, and socially. I strongly encourage all stakeholders, individuals and businesses, to engage in the consultation process and let their voices be heard.”

For updates on the public consultation process, including public meeting dates and digital feedback survey, please visit: www.gov.ky/nationalenergypolicy

Feedback on the draft policy can also be submitted via email to energy@gov.ky with subject heading: National Energy Policy Public Consultation 2023

Premier Panton said: “It is my hope that every individual and organisation in the Cayman Islands will embrace this updated policy and be a part of the solution. Together, we can achieve an energy secure, climate resilient Cayman Islands that stands out as a destination of excellence while achieving a high quality of life for all its people and protecting our natural and cultural resources.”

In addition to a public townhall meeting and virtual townhall meeting, the public consultation will also include engagement with key industry stakeholders.